Hydraulic Screw Bottle Jack

SUPER HYDROMATICS Hydraulic Bottle Screw Jack is manufactured with supperior quality material, technical mechanism, with a safe ratcheting head and with SS(stainless steel) Pump which have feature of prevent overloads. All components are CNC Machined.

  • Capacity range from 15000kg to 50000kg (15 ton - 50 ton)
  • Lifting height range from 270 - 440mm
  • Precise hydraulic assembly and piston for fine maximum adjustment
  • Heavy-duty construction for extra strength and safety
  • Safety bypass flow valve
  • Inovative design offers a quicker lift for professional performance


S# Model Capacity (in ton) Close Height (in mm) Open Height (in mm) Piston Thickness (in mm)
1 SH0204 25-40 Tons 250 mm 410 mm 60 mm
2 SH0404 30-60 Tons 250 mm 410 mm 60 mm
3 SH0604 45-70 Tons 250 mm 410 mm 70 mm